Sound Levitation

Levitate With Sound Levitation

Sound Levitation

Levitation can be achieved with sound. That is – moving or levitating an object with the use of sound waves at sound frequencies above that of what the human ear can respond to. These higher frequencies are called Ultrasonic frequencies. This spectrum of frequencies cannot be heard by the human ear as the human ear responds to sounds only in much lower frequencies than the Ultrasonic sounds used in Levitation.

Levitating an object with sound can also be called Acoustic Levitation.

We’ve all seen that trick with the steadily increasing high frequency sound pitch until a wine glass starts to hum and vibrate, or even smash into pieces. Well this is the power and effect of what sound can do if applied properly. And by creating a sound device that will operate in the Ultrasonic Frenquency Range we can levitate objects and materials for use in industrial environments and applications.

There are many devices on the market today that employ and combine both Ultrasonic and Electro Magnetic Technologies. A couple of sample devices that use Ultrasonic Waves are the Ultrasonic Cat Repeller and the PestBye Advanced Whole House Rat and Mouse Repeller. These devices use both technologies to repel cats and unwanted vermin from house and garden and are a good example of the combination of the two technologies.

With Levitation we are concerned about the lifting and control of an object through the use of sound technolgies. A device can be constructed to aid us in doing just that. A sample illustration of such a device is shown below:

Sound Levitate Object
A Transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another. In our example The Transducer will convert Electrical Energy into Sound Energy i.e Sound Waves. The Reflector will merely reflect this Sound Energy produced by the Transducer.

Two main parts of this device are The Transducer and The Reflector. The object to be Levitated is placed at a point in between The Transducer and The Reflector. When operated, the Transducer emits an Ultrasonic sound wave that is directed at the Reflector. The reflector of course as it’s name suggests relects this wave back towards The Transducer which has the effect of Levitating the object between them. And these two sound waves – The Emitted Sound Wave and the Reflected Sound Wave are applied to the object to cause enough force to lift and Levitate the object between them.

That is – an upward force is applied to the object from the emitting transducer wave and an equally opposing downward force is applied to the object by the Reflector’s relected wave. As in Magnetic Levitation the object is Levitated by the the two equally opposing forces… only in this case the forces are Ultrasonic Sound Waves rather that Magnetism.

xxx Transducers xxx

It is thought that Levitation through Sound Waves has been around for many many years, even before our modern science and civilisations. Many people believe that the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico may have even been built using this technology. And that today this may now just be a re-discovered technology that was once used hundreds and even thousands of years ago. To lift the weight of the blocks of the Pyramids and each weighing many many tonnes would need a force greater than manpower alone or even ancient cranes or devices of that nature or that time. Therefore a greater force would need to be employed for the lifting of these blocks to such great heightsEven todays cranes would struggle to lift the weight of those blocks used in the construction of the Pyramids. So it would certainly not be beyond belief that the Ancient Civilisations could somehow harness and utilise Sound Levitation Technology in their precise construction projects like that of the Pyramids in place them so precisely in place. An interesting book on the subject of Ancient Technologies can be found here The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt This books shows how the Ancient Egyptians were very knowledgible about many different technologies.

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