Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Anti Gravity

Nikola Tesla And Anti Gravity

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia. He inherited his engineering skills from his mother who would make small household appliances from home while Tesla was growing up. When Tesla got older he left Croatia for the United States. He arrived in the United States in 1884 where he was introduced to the famous inventor Thomas Edison. The two would work successfully together for some time on many projects but then parted ways after a clash of personalities.

Both Edison and Tesla continued to flourish separately, with Tesla developing many inventions of his own including the ‘Tesla Coil’ which is still used today in some radio technologies.

Edison and Tesla technologies would directly compete against each other for the serving of the U.S national power supply with Tesla’s A.C Power Technology being chosen over Edison’s D.C Power Supply. And hence the Tesla A.C Power Supply still in use today in the United States.

Tesla started work on a Worldwide Wireless Communication System that would provide free electricity globally but had to abandon the project due to plausibility concerns from his backers and investors. The massive tower that would have been used in the technology then had to be dismantled and sold for scrap to help pay off Tesla’s many debts.

Tesla And Anti Gravity Machines

Now here’s a man who knew a little bit about Anti Gravity, or perhaps even more than just a little bit. Nikola Tesla, it is believed, even constructed a UFO like Anti Gravity device. He was better known for his inventions and contributions to the modern day A.C Electricity Supply and A.C Current, but Nikola Tesla had worked on many other inventions as well.

He also claimed that he was in contact with aliens and that many of his inventions were a direct response to his so called relations and friendships with aliens or other worldly life forms. Nikola Tesla once said that he was only a receiver of knowledge from the Universe, and that we all have the ability to receive this Universal Knowledge if we could tune into it as easily as he was able to.

Tesla Technology That Could Levitate An Object

Tesla even went as far as registering a patent in 1928 for an Anti Gravity like device. Tesla registered the patent number 1,655,144 for a Flying Machine that was a combination of an aeroplane and helicopter. The propulsion system for this Flying Machine was called ‘Space Drive’ …or the Anti-Electromagnetic Field Propulsion System.

Tesla Levitate Anti Gravity Machine

After his death the US Government seized all of Tesla’s research papers, the act of which was deemed in the interests of national security. These are today still hidden away in vaults by the US Government. So who knows what other Tesla discoveries and inventions are possibly being held back from us all… in ‘The Interests Of National Security’ for Tesla was indeed a scientific genius.

While most everyone knows who Albert Einstein, not as many would know who Nikola Tesla is. And on a scientific level he was as much if not even more a genius as Einstein was. His contributions are certainly recognized but one might feel just not recognized enough.

Tesla believed he had invented a free form of energy and that this free form of energy came from the environment and could be made available to everyone on earth. Yes, Free Energy !!! …now that certainly would have made him as household a name as Einstein. But this Free Energy never materialised… we never got to learn how we could harness it, as Nikola Tesla was murdered. He was shot dead.

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