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Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Levitation uses magnets to levitate an object through the forces of magnetism. Magnetism is a natural force that exists all around us and around the earth itself. It can be harnessed through magnets or any suitable metallic materials that have been sufficiently magnetized.

The use of Magnetism is used in many appliances we have today, especially appliances that need a D.C Motor as a vital and integral part of it’s operating process. You’ve seen those garage doors that open and close electrically, well they use a D.C Motor as the most important part of the operating process.

Magnets And D.C Motors

Magnetism and magnets are used in the likes of D.C Motors to spin the actual motor itself.

DC Motor With Magnets

The motor core has magnets on both sides of it’s construction and hence forcing it to turn in one direction when turned on. The motor’s core is attracted by the pole of the magnet and so it’s metal body is forced towards that magnet pole where it then stops, and turning the motor core in the process. By electrically reversing the polarity of the magnet on one side of the motor then the motor core can then be made to turn towards the other magnet instead and on the other side of the core. This creates one revolution or cycle of the motor core… or one complete turn. Continuous reversing of the polarities of theses magnetic poles… therefore creates continuous turning of the motor. It’s how motors work.

Experimenting with Magnets and Magnetism can not only be a whole lot of fun The Impossible Balancer …but also very entertaining and informative all at the same time.

Magnetic Applications In Industry And Travel

Magnets and Magnetic Levitation, as can been seen, have many and useful applications in everyday life. There are even applications for magnets in industry and even travel. Many industrial machines use magnets and even The World’s Fastest Train… The Japanese Maglev Train uses Magnetic Levitation to hover it above it’s own track. This hovering or Levitating of the train above it’s track can produce amazing speeds of the train due to the less friction and non contact of the train with it’s actual track. With powerful Electro Magnets this train can Levitate and produce speeds in excess of 600 Km/Hr in experiment. This is Magnetic Levitation in one of it’s most useful applications today.

An interesting look at a novelty item that involves Magnetic Levitation


Science And Magnetism

You may also have heard of CERN many people are very interested in this. This is an ongoing experiment in France and Switzerland where scientists are attempting to smash atoms of material into each other at great speeds. The atoms have to reach a great speed before they can smash into each other(something like the speed of light) and to achieve these speeds they use a long xxmile tunnel under the French and Swiss borders and the walls of which are aligned with powerful magnets. These powerful magnets Levitate and induce the atoms to travel at astonishing speeds and enough to satisfy the scientists requirements in the experiment. Atoms travelling at the speed of light with the use of magnets ! Explaining and giving deeper insights into our own universe.

Two great books on the subject which explain it all in greater depth are Human Universe …Professor Brian Cox and The Particle At The End Of The Universe. I have myself read both of these excellent books and was amazed at some of the revelations all throughout their very informative pages.

Magnets have always been used in science… and Magnetic Levitation is just one other application of this. But it is indeed one other application that interests me more than any other. To hover an object through unseen forces is quite frankly to me, one of the most amazing and astonishing sites that one can ever witness. Take the hovering xxx Magnetic Globe Map for instance or the Nova Orb Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker these are admittedly Magnetic Levitation on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless, Magnetic Levitation in itself on display.

The Imagination, Levitation Performers And Magnets

Perhaps the Magicians and ‘Levitators’ of old, could somehow also use Magnetism to perform Levitation. And with well placed and hidden magnets located at various and precise points on stage, then for a watching audience this would seem to them that the performer was indeed Levitating an object or even themselves in front of their very own eyes. With a magnetic material sitting on top of a box with hidden electro magnets perhaps underneath the box… then with the magnets turned on Levitation would be performed of the magnetic material such as that of a metal orb. It would surely be a seemingly amazing feat of the performer.

Or the performer might even attempt to Levitate themselves and their very own body in front of onlookers. Perhaps with powerful magnets embedded in the performer’s footwear… this would allow him or her to achieve this illusion. And at the same time by also having hidden magnets on a platform or certain point on stage, with their North Poles facing upward, then as a performer with embedded magnets in their footwear and their North Poles facing downward this would cause a repelling of the both North Poles of the magnets underneath the platform against the magnets in the performer’s footwear when moved into close location to each other. A powerful pushing away or uplifting force in direction would be created, depending on the power of the actual magnets themselves. As the performer moved their feet over and across this point on stage then they would themselves seem to Levitate above that very point on stage.

An assistant could of course turn on and off or control the flow of the electro magnets embedded under the platform to make it look like the performer has complete control of the Levitation process and can hence Levitate on and off at will.

I myself have experimented with magnets on occasion, but never in such as possible a configuration as just described. But with powerful enough magnets I believe Magnetic Levitation totally possible… and would be a relatively easy experiment to set up and execute. For if we can lift a whole train such as the Japanese Maglev Train weighing many tonnes in weight and move it a great speed with Magnetic Forces, then I’m sure that a Human Body also can be elevated under control, above ground level a short distance and for a short measure of time.

So perhaps the Levitations of old and yesteryear were not actual Supernatural or Magical Events at all… but only the in depth knowledge of and the ability to apply Magnetism and Magnets in the process, duration and conduction of the performer’s act. And if someone could even do it today… then I myself would probably also pay to see that kind of display.

As you can see, Magnetic Levitation has been around for many many years. And maybe even as long as from the first times that we ever learnt about Magnets and Magnetism. So think of the many possibilities that Magnetic Levitation can produce for us all in the future too. The advancements in Science and Medicine open up more and more opportunities each and every day.

Time Travel, Black Holes And Magnetic Levitation

Dare I even say it, but perhaps Magnetic Levitation will even allow us to also travel into the future… one day. With the advent of experiments like that of the one at CERN using Magnetic Levitation to smash atoms of material together… we can find out a lot more about our universe. Smashing atoms together creates many Microscopic Black Holes. We know in theory that Black Holes exist in the universe but we just have never encountered one up close.  This experiment at CERN allows us to see up close and study Black Holes… A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes

It is thought that the experiments at CERN might even produce the possibilities of Time Travel and that the study of Black Holes in detail might reveal many other possibilities for the Human Race in both Science and Technology.


Another great book on the subject of Time Travel Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation and Time Travel

Whatever we learn from these experiments at CERN can all be directly connected to Magnetic Levitation… for that is the force used in smashing these atoms together. And without Magnetism and Powerful Magnets then all this might not even have been possible.

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