How To Levitate Objects

Levitate Objects

How To Levitate Objects

It’s all very well talking about Levitation and being amazed at all it’s wonders, but how in actual fact is it done. As explained before, Levitation is primarily done with the use of magnets. Magnetism plays the most important role in all of this. With powerful enough Magnets, objects of varying weights can be suspended in mid air to perform the Levitation process for us.

Gravity is the natural force that holds objects close to the ground, but it is the weakest of all natural forces and it is relatively very easy to overcome. Even the act of jumping off the ground yourself can overcome gravity for a short period of time. Magnetism helps us even more when attempting to overcome gravity.

And Magnetism as we know, is an unseen natural force that surrounds the earth. It can be harnessed through the use of magnets. When a suitable material is magnetised it can be called a magnet. Electro Magnets are the strongest of magnets and and these can be produced by surrounding a metalic core with an electrical conductor such as electrical wire.

If we employ two magnets in a configuration of opposite to each other then a suitable object placed in between these two magnets can be made to Levitate mid air in the empty space between them. And all by using the forces of magnetism to do this. Complete control of this object would then be assumed. In effect this is an Anti-Gravity device at work. The method is bypassing the laws of gravity that would normally hold the object close to the ground.

Anyone that knows a little about magnets also knows that each magnet has two poles, a north and south pole. North poles of magnets attract to south poles and vice versa. But also, North poles repel the North Poles of other Magnets and South Poles repel other south poles. That is – they push each away from each other when the North Poles of two seperate magnets come into close contact with one another. This effect can be adopted and employed in the use of Levitation.

The illustration here will verify this further:


The north pole of mini magnet A is being repeled by the North Pole of Magnet 1 hence forcing the object downward. At the same time the North Pole of Mini Magnet B is being repeled by the North Pole of Magnet 2 by the same equal force and hence forcing the object upward by the same upward force as the downward force. This creates the equal Levitation force enough to hold the object stable in mid air. Levitation !!!

This principle can be applied to almost any object that we wish to Levitate. Of course the illustration shows a configuration of two fixed magnets, but if we choose we could set up a configuration with two electro magnets in place of the fixed ones. With electro magnets we would then be able to switch on and off the magnets at will. Switching on the electro magnets would Levitate the object, while switching off the electro magnets would switch off the magnetism between them to allow Gravity to come back into play and hence drop the object back to towards the ground.

The mini magnets could be embedded into the object to be hidden and unseen for an even greater effect of unaided Levitation. The same goes for the main magnets they could be embedded into a cover of some kind. The magnetic forces would still work through the materials of any coverings to give a greater illusion of unaided Levitation.

So you can see, it is relatively easy to Levitate an Object. With the correct setup and materials we could Levitate almost any object that we desired to. It could find it’s way into many applications and situations where Levitation could be applied.

You might even want to experiment yourself with these techniques, and perhaps even also claim that you too… can Levitate.

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