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Levitation – To Levitate An Object With Unseen Force

Levitation has been claimed and around for many years. It is a form of elevating an object or even oneself a measurable distance above ground without seeming aid to do so. It has been practiced by magicians, Paranormals, Gurus, Buddha Priests and others… although in the case of Magicians it may be more in the form of a Conjuring Trick performed on stage with the use of hidden ropes, pulleys and wires.

Many people in the past have claimed to pocess the powers of Levitation, they have even performed this process in front of many witnesses who would swear that this did indeed happen in front of their very own eyes. Photographs have been taken and still exist today of the Levitation of individuals in front of large groups of bewildered onlookers. Whether or not these individuals really can Levitate or that the Photographs themselves are not in actual fact fakery… is a matter still open for discussion and investigation. After all, the magician performs his amazing feat, and depends so much on – The Slight Of Eye.


Nevertheless, Powers of Supernatural or not, I think you will agree that the whole subject area surrounding the performance of Levitation by Man, Beast or Inanimate Object is a very interesting and worthwhile investigating subject indeed. I myself am fascinated with the subject to such a degree that I decided to set up this website not only to write about and perhaps learn more about Levitation… but also to reach out and perhaps find like minded individuals and groups who may also share my interest in the deep subject matter of Levitation in general.

To me myself I would have to say that the jury is still out on whether or not a human man or woman has the ability to can levitate oneself above ground unaided for a measure of time… but for other matters as inanimate objects, and with the aid of powerful magnets in assistance, then this is for sure a 100% possibility.

There are many novelties items for sale in stores, and on the market today that perform just this very process…like Spinning Map Globes that use magnets to elevate the globe into thin air and hence perform Levitation before our very eyes.

But as s a Magician would use Hidden Ropes, Pulleys and Wires to seemingly perform Levitation… then the Spinning Magnetic Globe would use hidden magnets to Levitate the Globe into the air and at a fixed point. With the Magnetic Globe it of course use the forces of nature, the force of magnetism that we all know and scientists confirm exists all around us. So if a mere mortal man can claim to be able to perform the process od Levitation then perhaps some really could actually do this and these few could somehow tap into and harness the forces of nature and magnetism to such an extent that they could actually lift themselves unassisted into mid-air.

Levitation And Past Popular Culture

Around the turn of the 20th century, Levitation along with psychics, paranormal, conjurers, spiritualists, spirit channelers, mediums magicians all became very popular. And made even more popular with the likes of the very famous magician Harry Houdini. It was a time of the newly emerging Camera and Silent and Talking Movies. People wanted to be entertained and whether they believed the performer and his act or not(though surprisingly many did) was irrelevant to them at the time. They would pay money to see a magician like Houdini display of amazing feats, they wanted to see magic, they wanted to be amazed, it’s what they were paying the money for, so it had better happen during the performance or a paying audience might feel cheated out of any admission fees. Levitation was certainly on the cards by many… many would promise and offer this at some point during their acts.

This was also a time of fraudulent claims and con artists and criminals who would also gladly join in on the act. Even attention seekers who may not want any payment , but only recognition and as big a gullible and awed crowd of witnesses that they could possibly muster to their display.

But a certain amount of evidence has still been acquired which would leave one wondering can it all be true… can a mere man or woman perform this in front of witnesses without any trickery, slight of eye or rabbit out of a proverbial hat. Some of this evidence can easily and immediately be written off as the work of fakes hoaxers and frauds, but some of this eveidence can not be so easily discounted as such. Some evidence requires a closer look and inspection… like in the case of… and one could even argue. Presented with the facts…

Levitation And UFOs That Can Levitate

Many would even say that all these UFO sightings all over the world… that their crafts and ships might even be using a form of Levitation in the form of Anti-Gravity which could in fact be classed as Levitation Devices like the Magnetic Spinning Globe. If these UFOs sightings are indeed true sightings then they would surely be using Anti Gravity effects to Levitate their ships and crafts. ¬†Advanced civilizations perhaps not of this earth would surely know about and employ Levitation methods and Anti Gravity in hoverving their crafts above ground.

Religious Beliefs In Levitation

Many cultures and religions and historical records also include Levitation stories. Even Jesus Christ Levitated to his Appostles. There is a growing mountain of evidence available today that suggests that some of these claims might be true and can be verified to such an extent as to say they are more true than false. Over these pages I will try to present a case for the claims of Levitation by individuals and any of the supporting evidence availble, to accompany it. I hope that you enjoy reading this content… and you are or at least become as fascinated with the whole subject as I myself am.

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