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Anti Gravity

Anti Gravity always seems to conjur up thoughts of Space Creatures, X-Ray Beams or Flying Saucers Hovering Overhead… but in reality it is not as far out of our reach as we might at first think. The theory is there to prove that it can be used and utilized in everyday life and situations were we might need to control the movement of large weights such as in industry and industrial projects. Or perhaps even for flight ourselves., whether earthly or unearthly. Imagine the possibilities if we could harness and utilize such a force as powerful as Anti-Gravity.

It is not the crackpot ravings of mad scientists and conspiracy theorists but a totally real and verified technology that one can even study further The Anti-Gravity Handbook. Look Inside before making a decision… that’s what I always say.

Anti Gravity is much like Levitation in that it bypasses the laws of Gravity which normally hold an object close to the ground.

If one, were at a stroke, able to completely remove the weight of an object yet have it still retain it’s original size, shape and all other properties then this might be classed as Anti Gravity. However, when applying or in the process of Anti Gravity the weight of an object would still remain the same as it was when Anti Gravity is not in application. The Anti Gravity process would only give the illusion that the object in question is weightless and hence Levitated above ground. This however is not the case, as previously stated the weight of the object would remain the same. It would be the forces of Anti Gravity that Levitate the object and not any form of weightlessness.

Anti Gravity would be a more desireable effect than a weightlessness process anyway. For we could control the height, speed and direction of an object much more easily with an Anti Gravity Process than with a Weightlessness Process.

Think about it… if we completely removed the weight of an object, and if not contained, then it could then rise into the air and just keep rising into the air further and further until it might just float off into space. Not much control in that process. Furthermore, if we were to remove the weight of an object completely then we would be removing a vital part of it’s structure and who knows how many more properties of it’s material and structure in the process.

This is why Anti Gravity methods would much rather be preferred than any Weightlessness processes… as the control of the target object is much greater with Anti Gravity.

Parents wishing to teach their children about Levitation and Anti Gravity might want to check out this informative Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit

To show and illustrate it’s possibility I have included this illustration that easily can be constructed with only a few working parts and the use of sound as the method of Levitation. No Warp Drives, Mr Spocs or Transponders ever even needed here. Just cold hard Science and some simple easy to obtain components :


Much like Magnetic Levitation we use two opposing waves of force to lift and Levitate the object. But in this case we use Sound Forces rather than Magnetic Forces.

If we were to construct a device such as in the illustration shown here then a form of Anti Gravity Process, it could then be said, would be achieved. The illustration shows a form of Anti Gravity Levitation using a Transducer and Reflector and with sound as the medium.

A Transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another. In this case The Transducer would converter Electrical Energy into Sound Energy.

At the correct sound frequency The Transducer would transmit and send a continuous sound wave towards The Reflector. The Reflector, as it names suggests, would then reflect this wave back towards The Transducer. Placing an object of sufficient weight and size and at the right place in between the Transducer and Reflector we could raise and Levitate this object using both the opposing forces of the Transmitted Wave and Reflected Wave. Complete control of the object could then be assumed.

We could experiment with the frequency of the sound wave until a correct frequency was found with just enough force to lift the object. The upward lifting force of the Transducers Transmitted Wave would be counteracted by the Downward Pushing Force of The Reflector’s Reflected Wave… causing a kind of equal equlibirium of some sort to hold the object steady and under control in mid air.

This is just once such configuration that would produce Anti Gravity in a form. Many other methods and configurations are possible with the imagination. What weights could be lifted by such methods can only be determined with actual tests and testing methods until any upper limits or thresholds are reached, met or even passed.

It might seem that Anti Gravity is only for the realms of Science Fiction… but it is not. I assure you it is quite possible even though Science Fiction is perhaps where we first encountered it.

Anti Gravity – Science Fiction Or Not

Science Fiction Books and Comics were mainly responsible for bringing Anti Gravity into such general popularity, human awareness and consciousness . With stories and methods of Anti Gravity Devices littered all over and throughout it’s colourful texts and medias that it sometimes feels as though it might have always been a staple and writable subject for any Science Fiction writer worth his or her salt. So it’s safe to assume that we were always amazed and intrigued by the thoughts of this wonderful and possible technology… not only in the past but very very much today also. Think of what could be achieved and solved with the solutions that this great technology could provide.

Many people have even claimed to have sighted UFOs all around the world… and this might not be Science Fiction. But if UFOs do indeed exist then it is thought that they might be so far in advance of our own technologies that they would be using some form of Anti Gravity methods for the propulsion systems of their devices and crafts. There are many theories out there to consider and Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology goes in depth into some of them.

Ancient Anti Gravity Technology

Even Ancient Civilizations may have knew about Anti Gravity— Many people and researchers believe that the Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Peru and Mexico knew about and could harness the effects of Anti Gravity. And that they may even have used this technology to build the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt and even The Pyramids of Mexico.

It is sometimes thought that Anti Gravity technology is only a re-discovered technology that has existed already for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. Many people speculate on how did such Ancient Civilizations deal with the movement of huge blocks of stone and granite and place them with such precision to create the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A lot of rational thinkers today and in the past can only conclude that these Ancient Civilizations did indeed have knowledge about and access to some form of Anti Gravity Technologies.

Movement of many stone blocks many many tonnes in weight with just the use of manpower or the ancients cranes of that time, would just seem downright impossible. Even the cranes and technologies that we have in use today in this modern age would struggle with such a feat. And so the question then becomes… if the Ancients could use and utilize Anti Gravity, then why then can’t we….?

Or much rather, a better question might even be… then when do we…?

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