Ancient Civilizations And Anti Gravity

Ancient Civilizations And Anti Gravity

Ancient Civilizations Used Anti Gravity To Levitate

Ancient Civilizations are believed to have used, or at the very least, have known about Anti Gravity. The massive construction projects like the building of, and construction of the Egyptian Pyramids could perhaps not have even been possible without such technologies as that of some form of Anti Gravity Technology to Levitate the heavy stone blocks.

While it’s still most likely that the Egyptians used a lot of slave labour in the construction of The Pyramids, this method of slave labour however would most likely have been used in the actual transfer of materials such as granite and limestone onto site and the carving of the blocks into shape with copper chisels and other such tools of the time. Or the movement of the smaller and lighter stone blocks used in the building of the pyramids.

The actual lifting of the heavier blocks, some weighing in excess of 70 and 80 tonnes, and placing them with such precision at great heights would be considered a feat not within the ability of manpower alone. Of course a possible scenario arises that might see hundreds of men dragging large stone blocks with ropes attached, up steep incline ramps to reach to points in the Pyramid where the blocks are to be placed, but this would only be a viable solution to the placing of the lighter blocks of say only 2-3 tonnes in weight.

Did The Egyptians Levitate The Heavier Pyramid Blocks

We know that many much heavier blocks were used in the construction of the The Pyramids of Egypt and some as previously stated were even as heavy as 70-80 tonnes. These heavier blocks were not possible to be moved and placed as previously suggested, the weight of the blocks were just too great for manpower alone to move. And so one can only conclude that there was another force at work in the process, another force that moved these heavier blocks into position. Anti Gravity is the most likely conclusion for the other force that the Egyptians would have used in this process. To Levitate the blocks into position would have been a much more precise and accurate method than simply dragging them uphill on steep ramps with ropes and pulleys.

Move Pyramid Blocks By Levitation

Everyday more and more discoveries are being made about the Ancient Civilizations and everyday we are more and more convinced that they were a lot more industrial and intelligent that we at first give them credit for.  They may very well have used Anti Gravity to Levitate heavy objects during construction processes.  The Egyptians were a very resourceful people and were classed as a modern civilization even thousands of years ago. They had many inventions then that we thought today were only modern inventions of our time. For instance, they had a version of a battery then. A 3000 year old battery, a D.C (direct current)Power Source that could have been used in the lighting of tunnels with torches etc. If they have these kind of inventions then… why then could they not have had other technologies like that of Anti Gravity…? So therefore Ancient Egyptian Contributions can not be discounted as many of our modern day inventions are clearly adopted from them.

This book The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt gives a fascinating insight into what we once believed were civilized but primitive cultures. This book might suggest otherwise.

Origins Of Anti Gravity And Levitation

Perhaps the Egyptians even invented Anti Gravity… and perhaps they knew a lot more about Anti Gravity then, than we do now. After all, we have never constructed anything like the Egyptian Pyramids today, so how would we do it if we were to try it today. Certainly not with the cranes we have today as they themselves are limited in what they can actually lift too. I’m sure that If we could have done it… then we already would have done it. But as we haven’t actually built a Stone Block Pyramid of the type of Ancient Egypt, then it is reasonably sufficient enough to conclude …that we cannot.  Perhaps if we fully understand and develop the ability to Levitate heavy weights like the ancients obviously could do, can we then come close to the construction of the structures of Ancient Egypt, in our own modern societies.

Sure, we can build skyscrapers as big as The Twin Towers and The Empire State Building In New York and other similar structures around the world, but these are different structures altogether with lighter and more abundant and available materials. Not at all as impressive and solid a structure such as the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt and with the limited resources and material available to them and at that time.

So perhaps we don’t yet fully understand the technology of Anti Gravity enough to undertake such projects as the Ancient Egyptians did… and did very well.  They seemed very confident in such technologies that they could build massive enough structures that still exist today for us all to see. Whether or not our own structures of today will be around in 3000 years or more for the next generations to see… is open for much speculation.

Add into the mix that we also probably don’t even know that much about Ancient Egypt only in that they were great builders. But a good way to learn about Ancient Egypt is to study their buildings and structures. This 3D puzzle gives great insight into Famous Egyptian Structures while providing an entertainment element at the same time. While this fun Camel Up Board Game is another way to immerse yourself into the culture in some way and to some extent.

They could have used Sound Levitation or Magnetic Levitation or a combination of both. They may have had many other technologies that we today don’t even have. I suppose until we learn more about them through excavations in Egypt and other discoveries then we’ll just have to assume that they built parts of the The Pyramids with Levitation and Anti-Gravity techniques. How exactly they employed these techniques, is still a mystery to us today, but then Ancient Egypt probably always will be somewhat of a mystery to modern man and all of us today.

Other Civilizations The May Have Used Anti Gravity Levitation 

We know that The Aztecs of Mexico many hundreds of years ago built Egyptian style pyramids too. And they too are still standing today.  These Aztec Pyramids may not have been as large or as big as the Egyptian Pyramids but they were many more in number and certainly as impressive although smaller than the Egyptian Pyramids. It is also believed that this civilization may have too harnessed the forces of Anti-Gravity to Levitate the heavier blocks into place and at great heights also. The construction of these Aztec Pyramids are very more detailed than that of even the Egyptian Pyramids and they may very well have required a great deal more precision in the process. A great way to get up close to these structures, but in a much smaller scale… are through 3D Puzzles like the CubicFun Maya Pyramid Yucatan Mexico 3D Puzzle. Although these puzzles are in a much smaller scale than the actual structures themselves, they do have an amazing enough detail to learn even more about them in a closer and close up inspection.

Tibetan Monks Knew How To Levitate

There are even stories of Tibetan Monks using Sound Levitation to hover and maneuver larges rocks and boulders in the building of their temples and structures. The Tibetan Monks it is thought, may have used many drums in the process. They may have  beat these drums to a certain frequency sound range where they could harness Anti-Gravity and Levitate large weights that would otherwise have been impossible for them to move. The direction of the Anti Gravity force would be then channeled towards the heavy stone blocks and boulders until they could Levitate them into the air and move them into their desired positions. Or perhaps they used a Sacred Tibetan Chant to levitate and move these heavy weights.

Tibetan Monks are well known for their famous chants and Chants Of Peace… so maybe they also used these chants for Levitation and other great feats and displays.

Many stories from around the world suggest that the Ancients did actually know more about this technology than we ourselves do today. And I fully believe that it is indeed a technology… and a very, very ancient one too.



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