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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Anti Gravity

Nikola Tesla And Anti Gravity

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia. He inherited his engineering skills from his mother who would make small household appliances from home while Tesla was growing up. When Tesla got older he left Croatia for the United States. He arrived in the United States in 1884 where he was introduced to the famous inventor Thomas Edison. The two would work successfully together for some time on many projects but then parted ways after a clash of personalities.

Both Edison and Tesla continued to flourish separately, with Tesla developing many inventions of his own including the ‘Tesla Coil’ which is still used today in some radio technologies.

Edison and Tesla technologies would directly compete against each other for the serving of the U.S national power supply with Tesla’s A.C Power Technology being chosen over Edison’s D.C Power Supply. And hence the Tesla A.C Power Supply still in use today in the United States.

Tesla started work on a Worldwide Wireless Communication System that would provide free electricity globally but had to abandon the project due to plausibility concerns from his backers and investors. The massive tower that would have been used in the technology then had to be dismantled and sold for scrap to help pay off Tesla’s many debts.

Tesla And Anti Gravity Machines

Now here’s a man who knew a little bit about Anti Gravity, or perhaps even more than just a little bit. Nikola Tesla, it is believed, even constructed a UFO like Anti Gravity device. He was better known for his inventions and contributions to the modern day A.C Electricity Supply and A.C Current, but Nikola Tesla had worked on many other inventions as well.

He also claimed that he was in contact with aliens and that many of his inventions were a direct response to his so called relations and friendships with aliens or other worldly life forms. Nikola Tesla once said that he was only a receiver of knowledge from the Universe, and that we all have the ability to receive this Universal Knowledge if we could tune into it as easily as he was able to.

Tesla Technology That Could Levitate An Object

Tesla even went as far as registering a patent in 1928 for an Anti Gravity like device. Tesla registered the patent number 1,655,144 for a Flying Machine that was a combination of an aeroplane and helicopter. The propulsion system for this Flying Machine was called ‘Space Drive’ …or the Anti-Electromagnetic Field Propulsion System.

Tesla Levitate Anti Gravity Machine

After his death the US Government seized all of Tesla’s research papers, the act of which was deemed in the interests of national security. These are today still hidden away in vaults by the US Government. So who knows what other Tesla discoveries and inventions are possibly being held back from us all… in ‘The Interests Of National Security’ for Tesla was indeed a scientific genius.

While most everyone knows who Albert Einstein, not as many would know who Nikola Tesla is. And on a scientific level he was as much if not even more a genius as Einstein was. His contributions are certainly recognized but one might feel just not recognized enough.

Tesla believed he had invented a free form of energy and that this free form of energy came from the environment and could be made available to everyone on earth. Yes, Free Energy !!! …now that certainly would have made him as household a name as Einstein. But this Free Energy never materialised… we never got to learn how we could harness it, as Nikola Tesla was murdered. He was shot dead.

Ancient Civilizations And Anti Gravity

Ancient Civilizations And Anti Gravity

Ancient Civilizations Used Anti Gravity To Levitate

Ancient Civilizations are believed to have used, or at the very least, have known about Anti Gravity. The massive construction projects like the building of, and construction of the Egyptian Pyramids could perhaps not have even been possible without such technologies as that of some form of Anti Gravity Technology to Levitate the heavy stone blocks.

While it’s still most likely that the Egyptians used a lot of slave labour in the construction of The Pyramids, this method of slave labour however would most likely have been used in the actual transfer of materials such as granite and limestone onto site and the carving of the blocks into shape with copper chisels and other such tools of the time. Or the movement of the smaller and lighter stone blocks used in the building of the pyramids.

The actual lifting of the heavier blocks, some weighing in excess of 70 and 80 tonnes, and placing them with such precision at great heights would be considered a feat not within the ability of manpower alone. Of course a possible scenario arises that might see hundreds of men dragging large stone blocks with ropes attached, up steep incline ramps to reach to points in the Pyramid where the blocks are to be placed, but this would only be a viable solution to the placing of the lighter blocks of say only 2-3 tonnes in weight.

Did The Egyptians Levitate The Heavier Pyramid Blocks

We know that many much heavier blocks were used in the construction of the The Pyramids of Egypt and some as previously stated were even as heavy as 70-80 tonnes. These heavier blocks were not possible to be moved and placed as previously suggested, the weight of the blocks were just too great for manpower alone to move. And so one can only conclude that there was another force at work in the process, another force that moved these heavier blocks into position. Anti Gravity is the most likely conclusion for the other force that the Egyptians would have used in this process. To Levitate the blocks into position would have been a much more precise and accurate method than simply dragging them uphill on steep ramps with ropes and pulleys.

Move Pyramid Blocks By Levitation

Everyday more and more discoveries are being made about the Ancient Civilizations and everyday we are more and more convinced that they were a lot more industrial and intelligent that we at first give them credit for.  They may very well have used Anti Gravity to Levitate heavy objects during construction processes.  The Egyptians were a very resourceful people and were classed as a modern civilization even thousands of years ago. They had many inventions then that we thought today were only modern inventions of our time. For instance, they had a version of a battery then. A 3000 year old battery, a D.C (direct current)Power Source that could have been used in the lighting of tunnels with torches etc. If they have these kind of inventions then… why then could they not have had other technologies like that of Anti Gravity…? So therefore Ancient Egyptian Contributions can not be discounted as many of our modern day inventions are clearly adopted from them.

This book The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt gives a fascinating insight into what we once believed were civilized but primitive cultures. This book might suggest otherwise.

Origins Of Anti Gravity And Levitation

Perhaps the Egyptians even invented Anti Gravity… and perhaps they knew a lot more about Anti Gravity then, than we do now. After all, we have never constructed anything like the Egyptian Pyramids today, so how would we do it if we were to try it today. Certainly not with the cranes we have today as they themselves are limited in what they can actually lift too. I’m sure that If we could have done it… then we already would have done it. But as we haven’t actually built a Stone Block Pyramid of the type of Ancient Egypt, then it is reasonably sufficient enough to conclude …that we cannot.  Perhaps if we fully understand and develop the ability to Levitate heavy weights like the ancients obviously could do, can we then come close to the construction of the structures of Ancient Egypt, in our own modern societies.

Sure, we can build skyscrapers as big as The Twin Towers and The Empire State Building In New York and other similar structures around the world, but these are different structures altogether with lighter and more abundant and available materials. Not at all as impressive and solid a structure such as the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt and with the limited resources and material available to them and at that time.

So perhaps we don’t yet fully understand the technology of Anti Gravity enough to undertake such projects as the Ancient Egyptians did… and did very well.  They seemed very confident in such technologies that they could build massive enough structures that still exist today for us all to see. Whether or not our own structures of today will be around in 3000 years or more for the next generations to see… is open for much speculation.

Add into the mix that we also probably don’t even know that much about Ancient Egypt only in that they were great builders. But a good way to learn about Ancient Egypt is to study their buildings and structures. This 3D puzzle gives great insight into Famous Egyptian Structures while providing an entertainment element at the same time. While this fun Camel Up Board Game is another way to immerse yourself into the culture in some way and to some extent.

They could have used Sound Levitation or Magnetic Levitation or a combination of both. They may have had many other technologies that we today don’t even have. I suppose until we learn more about them through excavations in Egypt and other discoveries then we’ll just have to assume that they built parts of the The Pyramids with Levitation and Anti-Gravity techniques. How exactly they employed these techniques, is still a mystery to us today, but then Ancient Egypt probably always will be somewhat of a mystery to modern man and all of us today.

Other Civilizations The May Have Used Anti Gravity Levitation 

We know that The Aztecs of Mexico many hundreds of years ago built Egyptian style pyramids too. And they too are still standing today.  These Aztec Pyramids may not have been as large or as big as the Egyptian Pyramids but they were many more in number and certainly as impressive although smaller than the Egyptian Pyramids. It is also believed that this civilization may have too harnessed the forces of Anti-Gravity to Levitate the heavier blocks into place and at great heights also. The construction of these Aztec Pyramids are very more detailed than that of even the Egyptian Pyramids and they may very well have required a great deal more precision in the process. A great way to get up close to these structures, but in a much smaller scale… are through 3D Puzzles like the CubicFun Maya Pyramid Yucatan Mexico 3D Puzzle. Although these puzzles are in a much smaller scale than the actual structures themselves, they do have an amazing enough detail to learn even more about them in a closer and close up inspection.

Tibetan Monks Knew How To Levitate

There are even stories of Tibetan Monks using Sound Levitation to hover and maneuver larges rocks and boulders in the building of their temples and structures. The Tibetan Monks it is thought, may have used many drums in the process. They may have  beat these drums to a certain frequency sound range where they could harness Anti-Gravity and Levitate large weights that would otherwise have been impossible for them to move. The direction of the Anti Gravity force would be then channeled towards the heavy stone blocks and boulders until they could Levitate them into the air and move them into their desired positions. Or perhaps they used a Sacred Tibetan Chant to levitate and move these heavy weights.

Tibetan Monks are well known for their famous chants and Chants Of Peace… so maybe they also used these chants for Levitation and other great feats and displays.

Many stories from around the world suggest that the Ancients did actually know more about this technology than we ourselves do today. And I fully believe that it is indeed a technology… and a very, very ancient one too.



Anti Gravity

Levitate Anti Gravity Device

Anti Gravity

Anti Gravity always seems to conjur up thoughts of Space Creatures, X-Ray Beams or Flying Saucers Hovering Overhead… but in reality it is not as far out of our reach as we might at first think. The theory is there to prove that it can be used and utilized in everyday life and situations were we might need to control the movement of large weights such as in industry and industrial projects. Or perhaps even for flight ourselves., whether earthly or unearthly. Imagine the possibilities if we could harness and utilize such a force as powerful as Anti-Gravity.

It is not the crackpot ravings of mad scientists and conspiracy theorists but a totally real and verified technology that one can even study further The Anti-Gravity Handbook. Look Inside before making a decision… that’s what I always say.

Anti Gravity is much like Levitation in that it bypasses the laws of Gravity which normally hold an object close to the ground.

If one, were at a stroke, able to completely remove the weight of an object yet have it still retain it’s original size, shape and all other properties then this might be classed as Anti Gravity. However, when applying or in the process of Anti Gravity the weight of an object would still remain the same as it was when Anti Gravity is not in application. The Anti Gravity process would only give the illusion that the object in question is weightless and hence Levitated above ground. This however is not the case, as previously stated the weight of the object would remain the same. It would be the forces of Anti Gravity that Levitate the object and not any form of weightlessness.

Anti Gravity would be a more desireable effect than a weightlessness process anyway. For we could control the height, speed and direction of an object much more easily with an Anti Gravity Process than with a Weightlessness Process.

Think about it… if we completely removed the weight of an object, and if not contained, then it could then rise into the air and just keep rising into the air further and further until it might just float off into space. Not much control in that process. Furthermore, if we were to remove the weight of an object completely then we would be removing a vital part of it’s structure and who knows how many more properties of it’s material and structure in the process.

This is why Anti Gravity methods would much rather be preferred than any Weightlessness processes… as the control of the target object is much greater with Anti Gravity.

Parents wishing to teach their children about Levitation and Anti Gravity might want to check out this informative Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit

To show and illustrate it’s possibility I have included this illustration that easily can be constructed with only a few working parts and the use of sound as the method of Levitation. No Warp Drives, Mr Spocs or Transponders ever even needed here. Just cold hard Science and some simple easy to obtain components :


Much like Magnetic Levitation we use two opposing waves of force to lift and Levitate the object. But in this case we use Sound Forces rather than Magnetic Forces.

If we were to construct a device such as in the illustration shown here then a form of Anti Gravity Process, it could then be said, would be achieved. The illustration shows a form of Anti Gravity Levitation using a Transducer and Reflector and with sound as the medium.

A Transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another. In this case The Transducer would converter Electrical Energy into Sound Energy.

At the correct sound frequency The Transducer would transmit and send a continuous sound wave towards The Reflector. The Reflector, as it names suggests, would then reflect this wave back towards The Transducer. Placing an object of sufficient weight and size and at the right place in between the Transducer and Reflector we could raise and Levitate this object using both the opposing forces of the Transmitted Wave and Reflected Wave. Complete control of the object could then be assumed.

We could experiment with the frequency of the sound wave until a correct frequency was found with just enough force to lift the object. The upward lifting force of the Transducers Transmitted Wave would be counteracted by the Downward Pushing Force of The Reflector’s Reflected Wave… causing a kind of equal equlibirium of some sort to hold the object steady and under control in mid air.

This is just once such configuration that would produce Anti Gravity in a form. Many other methods and configurations are possible with the imagination. What weights could be lifted by such methods can only be determined with actual tests and testing methods until any upper limits or thresholds are reached, met or even passed.

It might seem that Anti Gravity is only for the realms of Science Fiction… but it is not. I assure you it is quite possible even though Science Fiction is perhaps where we first encountered it.

Anti Gravity – Science Fiction Or Not

Science Fiction Books and Comics were mainly responsible for bringing Anti Gravity into such general popularity, human awareness and consciousness . With stories and methods of Anti Gravity Devices littered all over and throughout it’s colourful texts and medias that it sometimes feels as though it might have always been a staple and writable subject for any Science Fiction writer worth his or her salt. So it’s safe to assume that we were always amazed and intrigued by the thoughts of this wonderful and possible technology… not only in the past but very very much today also. Think of what could be achieved and solved with the solutions that this great technology could provide.

Many people have even claimed to have sighted UFOs all around the world… and this might not be Science Fiction. But if UFOs do indeed exist then it is thought that they might be so far in advance of our own technologies that they would be using some form of Anti Gravity methods for the propulsion systems of their devices and crafts. There are many theories out there to consider and Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology goes in depth into some of them.

Ancient Anti Gravity Technology

Even Ancient Civilizations may have knew about Anti Gravity— Many people and researchers believe that the Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Peru and Mexico knew about and could harness the effects of Anti Gravity. And that they may even have used this technology to build the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt and even The Pyramids of Mexico.

It is sometimes thought that Anti Gravity technology is only a re-discovered technology that has existed already for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. Many people speculate on how did such Ancient Civilizations deal with the movement of huge blocks of stone and granite and place them with such precision to create the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A lot of rational thinkers today and in the past can only conclude that these Ancient Civilizations did indeed have knowledge about and access to some form of Anti Gravity Technologies.

Movement of many stone blocks many many tonnes in weight with just the use of manpower or the ancients cranes of that time, would just seem downright impossible. Even the cranes and technologies that we have in use today in this modern age would struggle with such a feat. And so the question then becomes… if the Ancients could use and utilize Anti Gravity, then why then can’t we….?

Or much rather, a better question might even be… then when do we…?

Sound Levitation

Levitate With Sound Levitation

Sound Levitation

Levitation can be achieved with sound. That is – moving or levitating an object with the use of sound waves at sound frequencies above that of what the human ear can respond to. These higher frequencies are called Ultrasonic frequencies. This spectrum of frequencies cannot be heard by the human ear as the human ear responds to sounds only in much lower frequencies than the Ultrasonic sounds used in Levitation.

Levitating an object with sound can also be called Acoustic Levitation.

We’ve all seen that trick with the steadily increasing high frequency sound pitch until a wine glass starts to hum and vibrate, or even smash into pieces. Well this is the power and effect of what sound can do if applied properly. And by creating a sound device that will operate in the Ultrasonic Frenquency Range we can levitate objects and materials for use in industrial environments and applications.

There are many devices on the market today that employ and combine both Ultrasonic and Electro Magnetic Technologies. A couple of sample devices that use Ultrasonic Waves are the Ultrasonic Cat Repeller and the PestBye Advanced Whole House Rat and Mouse Repeller. These devices use both technologies to repel cats and unwanted vermin from house and garden and are a good example of the combination of the two technologies.

With Levitation we are concerned about the lifting and control of an object through the use of sound technolgies. A device can be constructed to aid us in doing just that. A sample illustration of such a device is shown below:

Sound Levitate Object
A Transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another. In our example The Transducer will convert Electrical Energy into Sound Energy i.e Sound Waves. The Reflector will merely reflect this Sound Energy produced by the Transducer.

Two main parts of this device are The Transducer and The Reflector. The object to be Levitated is placed at a point in between The Transducer and The Reflector. When operated, the Transducer emits an Ultrasonic sound wave that is directed at the Reflector. The reflector of course as it’s name suggests relects this wave back towards The Transducer which has the effect of Levitating the object between them. And these two sound waves – The Emitted Sound Wave and the Reflected Sound Wave are applied to the object to cause enough force to lift and Levitate the object between them.

That is – an upward force is applied to the object from the emitting transducer wave and an equally opposing downward force is applied to the object by the Reflector’s relected wave. As in Magnetic Levitation the object is Levitated by the the two equally opposing forces… only in this case the forces are Ultrasonic Sound Waves rather that Magnetism.

xxx Transducers xxx

It is thought that Levitation through Sound Waves has been around for many many years, even before our modern science and civilisations. Many people believe that the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico may have even been built using this technology. And that today this may now just be a re-discovered technology that was once used hundreds and even thousands of years ago. To lift the weight of the blocks of the Pyramids and each weighing many many tonnes would need a force greater than manpower alone or even ancient cranes or devices of that nature or that time. Therefore a greater force would need to be employed for the lifting of these blocks to such great heightsEven todays cranes would struggle to lift the weight of those blocks used in the construction of the Pyramids. So it would certainly not be beyond belief that the Ancient Civilisations could somehow harness and utilise Sound Levitation Technology in their precise construction projects like that of the Pyramids in place them so precisely in place. An interesting book on the subject of Ancient Technologies can be found here The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt This books shows how the Ancient Egyptians were very knowledgible about many different technologies.

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Poles

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Levitation uses magnets to levitate an object through the forces of magnetism. Magnetism is a natural force that exists all around us and around the earth itself. It can be harnessed through magnets or any suitable metallic materials that have been sufficiently magnetized.

The use of Magnetism is used in many appliances we have today, especially appliances that need a D.C Motor as a vital and integral part of it’s operating process. You’ve seen those garage doors that open and close electrically, well they use a D.C Motor as the most important part of the operating process.

Magnets And D.C Motors

Magnetism and magnets are used in the likes of D.C Motors to spin the actual motor itself.

DC Motor With Magnets

The motor core has magnets on both sides of it’s construction and hence forcing it to turn in one direction when turned on. The motor’s core is attracted by the pole of the magnet and so it’s metal body is forced towards that magnet pole where it then stops, and turning the motor core in the process. By electrically reversing the polarity of the magnet on one side of the motor then the motor core can then be made to turn towards the other magnet instead and on the other side of the core. This creates one revolution or cycle of the motor core… or one complete turn. Continuous reversing of the polarities of theses magnetic poles… therefore creates continuous turning of the motor. It’s how motors work.

Experimenting with Magnets and Magnetism can not only be a whole lot of fun The Impossible Balancer …but also very entertaining and informative all at the same time.

Magnetic Applications In Industry And Travel

Magnets and Magnetic Levitation, as can been seen, have many and useful applications in everyday life. There are even applications for magnets in industry and even travel. Many industrial machines use magnets and even The World’s Fastest Train… The Japanese Maglev Train uses Magnetic Levitation to hover it above it’s own track. This hovering or Levitating of the train above it’s track can produce amazing speeds of the train due to the less friction and non contact of the train with it’s actual track. With powerful Electro Magnets this train can Levitate and produce speeds in excess of 600 Km/Hr in experiment. This is Magnetic Levitation in one of it’s most useful applications today.

An interesting look at a novelty item that involves Magnetic Levitation


Science And Magnetism

You may also have heard of CERN many people are very interested in this. This is an ongoing experiment in France and Switzerland where scientists are attempting to smash atoms of material into each other at great speeds. The atoms have to reach a great speed before they can smash into each other(something like the speed of light) and to achieve these speeds they use a long xxmile tunnel under the French and Swiss borders and the walls of which are aligned with powerful magnets. These powerful magnets Levitate and induce the atoms to travel at astonishing speeds and enough to satisfy the scientists requirements in the experiment. Atoms travelling at the speed of light with the use of magnets ! Explaining and giving deeper insights into our own universe.

Two great books on the subject which explain it all in greater depth are Human Universe …Professor Brian Cox and The Particle At The End Of The Universe. I have myself read both of these excellent books and was amazed at some of the revelations all throughout their very informative pages.

Magnets have always been used in science… and Magnetic Levitation is just one other application of this. But it is indeed one other application that interests me more than any other. To hover an object through unseen forces is quite frankly to me, one of the most amazing and astonishing sites that one can ever witness. Take the hovering xxx Magnetic Globe Map for instance or the Nova Orb Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker these are admittedly Magnetic Levitation on a much smaller scale, but nonetheless, Magnetic Levitation in itself on display.

The Imagination, Levitation Performers And Magnets

Perhaps the Magicians and ‘Levitators’ of old, could somehow also use Magnetism to perform Levitation. And with well placed and hidden magnets located at various and precise points on stage, then for a watching audience this would seem to them that the performer was indeed Levitating an object or even themselves in front of their very own eyes. With a magnetic material sitting on top of a box with hidden electro magnets perhaps underneath the box… then with the magnets turned on Levitation would be performed of the magnetic material such as that of a metal orb. It would surely be a seemingly amazing feat of the performer.

Or the performer might even attempt to Levitate themselves and their very own body in front of onlookers. Perhaps with powerful magnets embedded in the performer’s footwear… this would allow him or her to achieve this illusion. And at the same time by also having hidden magnets on a platform or certain point on stage, with their North Poles facing upward, then as a performer with embedded magnets in their footwear and their North Poles facing downward this would cause a repelling of the both North Poles of the magnets underneath the platform against the magnets in the performer’s footwear when moved into close location to each other. A powerful pushing away or uplifting force in direction would be created, depending on the power of the actual magnets themselves. As the performer moved their feet over and across this point on stage then they would themselves seem to Levitate above that very point on stage.

An assistant could of course turn on and off or control the flow of the electro magnets embedded under the platform to make it look like the performer has complete control of the Levitation process and can hence Levitate on and off at will.

I myself have experimented with magnets on occasion, but never in such as possible a configuration as just described. But with powerful enough magnets I believe Magnetic Levitation totally possible… and would be a relatively easy experiment to set up and execute. For if we can lift a whole train such as the Japanese Maglev Train weighing many tonnes in weight and move it a great speed with Magnetic Forces, then I’m sure that a Human Body also can be elevated under control, above ground level a short distance and for a short measure of time.

So perhaps the Levitations of old and yesteryear were not actual Supernatural or Magical Events at all… but only the in depth knowledge of and the ability to apply Magnetism and Magnets in the process, duration and conduction of the performer’s act. And if someone could even do it today… then I myself would probably also pay to see that kind of display.

As you can see, Magnetic Levitation has been around for many many years. And maybe even as long as from the first times that we ever learnt about Magnets and Magnetism. So think of the many possibilities that Magnetic Levitation can produce for us all in the future too. The advancements in Science and Medicine open up more and more opportunities each and every day.

Time Travel, Black Holes And Magnetic Levitation

Dare I even say it, but perhaps Magnetic Levitation will even allow us to also travel into the future… one day. With the advent of experiments like that of the one at CERN using Magnetic Levitation to smash atoms of material together… we can find out a lot more about our universe. Smashing atoms together creates many Microscopic Black Holes. We know in theory that Black Holes exist in the universe but we just have never encountered one up close.  This experiment at CERN allows us to see up close and study Black Holes… A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes

It is thought that the experiments at CERN might even produce the possibilities of Time Travel and that the study of Black Holes in detail might reveal many other possibilities for the Human Race in both Science and Technology.


Another great book on the subject of Time Travel Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation and Time Travel

Whatever we learn from these experiments at CERN can all be directly connected to Magnetic Levitation… for that is the force used in smashing these atoms together. And without Magnetism and Powerful Magnets then all this might not even have been possible.

How To Levitate Objects

Levitate Objects

How To Levitate Objects

It’s all very well talking about Levitation and being amazed at all it’s wonders, but how in actual fact is it done. As explained before, Levitation is primarily done with the use of magnets. Magnetism plays the most important role in all of this. With powerful enough Magnets, objects of varying weights can be suspended in mid air to perform the Levitation process for us.

Gravity is the natural force that holds objects close to the ground, but it is the weakest of all natural forces and it is relatively very easy to overcome. Even the act of jumping off the ground yourself can overcome gravity for a short period of time. Magnetism helps us even more when attempting to overcome gravity.

And Magnetism as we know, is an unseen natural force that surrounds the earth. It can be harnessed through the use of magnets. When a suitable material is magnetised it can be called a magnet. Electro Magnets are the strongest of magnets and and these can be produced by surrounding a metalic core with an electrical conductor such as electrical wire.

If we employ two magnets in a configuration of opposite to each other then a suitable object placed in between these two magnets can be made to Levitate mid air in the empty space between them. And all by using the forces of magnetism to do this. Complete control of this object would then be assumed. In effect this is an Anti-Gravity device at work. The method is bypassing the laws of gravity that would normally hold the object close to the ground.

Anyone that knows a little about magnets also knows that each magnet has two poles, a north and south pole. North poles of magnets attract to south poles and vice versa. But also, North poles repel the North Poles of other Magnets and South Poles repel other south poles. That is – they push each away from each other when the North Poles of two seperate magnets come into close contact with one another. This effect can be adopted and employed in the use of Levitation.

The illustration here will verify this further:


The north pole of mini magnet A is being repeled by the North Pole of Magnet 1 hence forcing the object downward. At the same time the North Pole of Mini Magnet B is being repeled by the North Pole of Magnet 2 by the same equal force and hence forcing the object upward by the same upward force as the downward force. This creates the equal Levitation force enough to hold the object stable in mid air. Levitation !!!

This principle can be applied to almost any object that we wish to Levitate. Of course the illustration shows a configuration of two fixed magnets, but if we choose we could set up a configuration with two electro magnets in place of the fixed ones. With electro magnets we would then be able to switch on and off the magnets at will. Switching on the electro magnets would Levitate the object, while switching off the electro magnets would switch off the magnetism between them to allow Gravity to come back into play and hence drop the object back to towards the ground.

The mini magnets could be embedded into the object to be hidden and unseen for an even greater effect of unaided Levitation. The same goes for the main magnets they could be embedded into a cover of some kind. The magnetic forces would still work through the materials of any coverings to give a greater illusion of unaided Levitation.

So you can see, it is relatively easy to Levitate an Object. With the correct setup and materials we could Levitate almost any object that we desired to. It could find it’s way into many applications and situations where Levitation could be applied.

You might even want to experiment yourself with these techniques, and perhaps even also claim that you too… can Levitate.

Hello Levitation World!


Levitation – To Levitate An Object With Unseen Force

Levitation has been claimed and around for many years. It is a form of elevating an object or even oneself a measurable distance above ground without seeming aid to do so. It has been practiced by magicians, Paranormals, Gurus, Buddha Priests and others… although in the case of Magicians it may be more in the form of a Conjuring Trick performed on stage with the use of hidden ropes, pulleys and wires.

Many people in the past have claimed to pocess the powers of Levitation, they have even performed this process in front of many witnesses who would swear that this did indeed happen in front of their very own eyes. Photographs have been taken and still exist today of the Levitation of individuals in front of large groups of bewildered onlookers. Whether or not these individuals really can Levitate or that the Photographs themselves are not in actual fact fakery… is a matter still open for discussion and investigation. After all, the magician performs his amazing feat, and depends so much on – The Slight Of Eye.


Nevertheless, Powers of Supernatural or not, I think you will agree that the whole subject area surrounding the performance of Levitation by Man, Beast or Inanimate Object is a very interesting and worthwhile investigating subject indeed. I myself am fascinated with the subject to such a degree that I decided to set up this website not only to write about and perhaps learn more about Levitation… but also to reach out and perhaps find like minded individuals and groups who may also share my interest in the deep subject matter of Levitation in general.

To me myself I would have to say that the jury is still out on whether or not a human man or woman has the ability to can levitate oneself above ground unaided for a measure of time… but for other matters as inanimate objects, and with the aid of powerful magnets in assistance, then this is for sure a 100% possibility.

There are many novelties items for sale in stores, and on the market today that perform just this very process…like Spinning Map Globes that use magnets to elevate the globe into thin air and hence perform Levitation before our very eyes.

But as s a Magician would use Hidden Ropes, Pulleys and Wires to seemingly perform Levitation… then the Spinning Magnetic Globe would use hidden magnets to Levitate the Globe into the air and at a fixed point. With the Magnetic Globe it of course use the forces of nature, the force of magnetism that we all know and scientists confirm exists all around us. So if a mere mortal man can claim to be able to perform the process od Levitation then perhaps some really could actually do this and these few could somehow tap into and harness the forces of nature and magnetism to such an extent that they could actually lift themselves unassisted into mid-air.

Levitation And Past Popular Culture

Around the turn of the 20th century, Levitation along with psychics, paranormal, conjurers, spiritualists, spirit channelers, mediums magicians all became very popular. And made even more popular with the likes of the very famous magician Harry Houdini. It was a time of the newly emerging Camera and Silent and Talking Movies. People wanted to be entertained and whether they believed the performer and his act or not(though surprisingly many did) was irrelevant to them at the time. They would pay money to see a magician like Houdini display of amazing feats, they wanted to see magic, they wanted to be amazed, it’s what they were paying the money for, so it had better happen during the performance or a paying audience might feel cheated out of any admission fees. Levitation was certainly on the cards by many… many would promise and offer this at some point during their acts.

This was also a time of fraudulent claims and con artists and criminals who would also gladly join in on the act. Even attention seekers who may not want any payment , but only recognition and as big a gullible and awed crowd of witnesses that they could possibly muster to their display.

But a certain amount of evidence has still been acquired which would leave one wondering can it all be true… can a mere man or woman perform this in front of witnesses without any trickery, slight of eye or rabbit out of a proverbial hat. Some of this evidence can easily and immediately be written off as the work of fakes hoaxers and frauds, but some of this eveidence can not be so easily discounted as such. Some evidence requires a closer look and inspection… like in the case of… and one could even argue. Presented with the facts…

Levitation And UFOs That Can Levitate

Many would even say that all these UFO sightings all over the world… that their crafts and ships might even be using a form of Levitation in the form of Anti-Gravity which could in fact be classed as Levitation Devices like the Magnetic Spinning Globe. If these UFOs sightings are indeed true sightings then they would surely be using Anti Gravity effects to Levitate their ships and crafts.  Advanced civilizations perhaps not of this earth would surely know about and employ Levitation methods and Anti Gravity in hoverving their crafts above ground.

Religious Beliefs In Levitation

Many cultures and religions and historical records also include Levitation stories. Even Jesus Christ Levitated to his Appostles. There is a growing mountain of evidence available today that suggests that some of these claims might be true and can be verified to such an extent as to say they are more true than false. Over these pages I will try to present a case for the claims of Levitation by individuals and any of the supporting evidence availble, to accompany it. I hope that you enjoy reading this content… and you are or at least become as fascinated with the whole subject as I myself am.